Why are my teeth sensitive?

Underneath the protective outer layer enamel of your teeth, lies the dentine. Dentine is made of tubules that connect to the internal vital structures of the teeth. When dentine is exposed, your teeth will become susceptible to triggers such as cold or sweet food and drinks, and respond as a sharp pain.

Exposed dentine can result from dental erosion, gum recession, tooth decay, broken teeth and other causes. Fortunately, sensitivity can often be managed fairly simply depending on the cause of the sensitivity.

Sometimes, sensitive teeth may be an indicator for more sinister conditions such as cracked teeth. When the sensitivity last for a prolonged period of time after the initial stimulus has been removed, there may be serious issues involving the pulp, which is the internal vital structures of the tooth (nerve and blood vessels).

It is important to have your dental problems addressed promptly to avoid greater problems in the future.