Dentistry for Children in Brisbane

Child Dental Benefit Schedule

The Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS) is an Australian Government initiative that may allow your child to seek basic dental treatment, such as check-ups, x-rays, fillings and extractions. Higher end services, such as orthodontic treatment are not included. The total benefit entitlement will be capped at $1000 per child over a two year period, however eligibility will need to be determined. 

The CDBS has a means test, which requires receipt of Family Tax Benefit Part A (FTB-A) or a relevant Australian Government payment. To learn more, please contact us or visit the Department of Health’s website here


A visit to the dentist can be fun for children!

At Be Well Dental, we recognise that positive experiences at the dentist will play an important role in shaping dental behaviour later in life.

We recommend that your child becomes familiar with the dental environment at an early age. By the age of two or three, your child is ready for a comprehensive oral examination. Our intention is to prevent or detect problems early. We will provide you with instructions and show you techniques for a preventive home care program. We will work with you as a team to ensure that your child will enjoy a healthy smile for life.

It is normal for children to be anxious about going to a dental practice for the first time and meeting the dental team. Some of their anxieties are manifested through your own apprehension or past experiences. Try to be positive and calm about your child’s first visit and answer their questions honestly without going into specific details.

Our team have special ways to explain things using demonstrations to aid understanding and have some fun also. We will empower your child and motivate them to care for their teeth and gums for the rest of their lives!

At the age of 5-6, your child’s adult teeth will begin to appear. Dental visits are even more important at this stage to ensure that the adult teeth are developing properly and that they are well taken care off. We will continue to give preventative care advice to suit your child’s stage of development and to ensure that we instil the importance of home care for preventing the development of dental decay and gum disease.

During the teenage years, your child’s jaws and teeth will continue to develop. It is important to monitor this growth to ensure prompt referral to the orthodontist should your child’s bite require correction. The teenage years are often a time when diet and oral hygiene are less than ideal, leading to an increased risk in the development of dental decay, tooth wear and gum disease. It is important to continue regular dental visits to encourage and maintain the health of teenage teeth and gums.

Primary Teeth Eruption Chart

Primary Eruption Chart

Permanent Teeth Eruption Chart

Permanent Eruption Chart

Infographics about dentist for children. Image about dentist for children and steps on how they do like monitors the growth of the child's jaws and teeth.