General Dental And Preventive Dentistry in Brisbane

The goal of general and preventive dentistry is to help people maintain optimal oral health. General dentistry can include removing decay or infection, restoring cavities and treating soft tissues concerns. General dental treatments are usually straightforward and often can be avoided with appropriate brushing, flossing, good diet and regular dental visits to the dentists. Before any treatment commences we will listen to your needs and concerns. We will discuss our findings with you and walk you through all the treatment options that are available. We will help you prioritise treatment needs and be transparent about fee estimates.

At Be Well Dental, we are passionate about preventive care! During your appointment our dentist will conduct a thorough check of your oral health including gums, soft tissues and teeth. We use the latest technologies such as digital xrays, intra- oral cameras and transillumiators to help diagnose potential problems. If diseases are identified, your dentist will assess risk factors in your lifestyle, such as your medical history or diet to help prevent further development of these diseases in the future. Where appropriate we may prescribe creams/pastes to help strengthen your teeth and restore optimal pH balance for your mouth.

Regular hygiene appointments can greatly reduce the need for future complex treatments. Our team will remove plaque and calculus and apply fluoride treatment to strengthen teeth. We will help to customise certain aspects of your oral hygiene practices and advice you on healthy eating habits to ensure you will always enjoy excellent oral health.

You will leave our practice feeling empowered with knowledge and skills to help maintain your dental health for life.