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Dental visits during Covid-19 Pandemic

January 12, 2022
Posted By: Be Well Dental - Dr Bao Nguyen

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Dental practices in Queensland have been providing essential care to our communities under different levels of restrictions depending on the current risks. Receiving dental care promptly is essential for optimal outcomes and for maintaining good general health, 

Please read the following information to prepare yourselves for your next dental visit with us.

Mandatory pre-appointment covid-19 screening questions. Please be patient with us as we go through the screening questions with you over the phone, and again upon your arrival. This is a necessary step to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our community.

  1. Have you been feeling unwell? Or have the following symptoms?
    • Fever
    • Sore throat, cough or shortness of breath?
    • Runny/stuffy nose or other respiratory symptoms?
    • Loss of smell or taste
  2. Have you returned a Covid-19 positive result (RAT/PCR)within the past 14 days, and or awaiting your test result?
  3. Have you had any contact with a confirmed Covid-19 positive case in the past 14 days?
  4. Have you, or a person with whom you live with been asked to quarantine or self isolate for any reasons by QLD health?

If you have replied yes to any of the above questions, please phone to speak to one of our helpful team members as your appointment may need to be postponed to a later date. 

We are an essential health service and therefore you can access our services whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated. We kindly ask that if you are unvaccinated, and feel comfortable to make this known to our team, then we would invite you to let us know. This is so that we can schedule your appointment during a time where we do not have an immuno-compromised or at-risk person in the practice during the time of your visit. We thank you for your understanding. 

Upon arrival to your dental appointment:

Please wear a mask if the current mandate requires you to wear a mask indoors. We will provide you one if you do not have one upon entering our practice.

Screening questions: please be patient as we ask you the screening questions again, as some things may have changed since we spoke with you about your appointment over the phone.

Check-In QLD app: please check in upon arrival. We will continue to participate in this check in system until the QLD government deems it no longer necessary to do so.

Social/Physical Distancing: After screening and checking in, we will assist you in finding a comfortable area to sit to ensure physical distancing of individuals and family units. Please understand if we ask you to move location in order to maintain adequate distancing. In order to assist us with this, please attend your appointment alone unless you are accompanied by a carer/guardian or support person.

Hand sanitisers are available in reception areas and treatment rooms. We invite you to sanitise your hands on entry and exit.

We will invite you to perform a 30 seconds pre-procedural mouthwash. Studies have shown that this greatly reduces the viral load in the mouth prior to treatment. 

Addition measures/precautions adopted by Be Well Dental:

  • You may see at certain times, depending on risk levels, that our team will wear additional PPEs. We may wear full gowns over our usual scrubs, with caps and face shields, and P2 respirators. 

  • We are using HEPA filters air cleaners in our reception area and our treatment rooms to remove/reduce aerosolised virus particles in the air. 

  • We are scheduling our appointments in such as a way as to reduce risks of transmission by allowing adequate fallow time in between appointments. 

We are immensely grateful that you have chosen us to be your dentist. We will do our best to keep you and your family happy and safe. 

Updated 4th of Jan 2002.