Dentist In Eastern Brisbane

If you need expert dental professionals, you can always count on Be Well Dental. For several years, we have competently served the approximately 5,598 residents of Brisbane’s eastern suburbs.

We Ensure Thorough Evaluation Before Treatment

Before we perform dental veneers, sleep apnea alternative treatment options, children’s dental health or cosmetic dental crowns, we always carry out a thorough evaluation of your oral condition. By doing this, we determine the exact nature of your condition, the extent of your ailment and the most effective method of treatment.

Many residents from Ormiston and Ransome can testify to our rigorous evaluation process which has helped them get fast and effective treatment.

Such thorough evaluation is made possible by our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and well-trained professional team. Our dentists consult with patients on every possible cause and symptom of their ailments. This includes a detailed scrutiny of past medical history and lifestyle issues; which help pin-point the actual problem and rule out any misdiagnosis.

After going through our expert treatment process, you are assured of effective elimination of your oral problems.

We Maintain A Close Relationship With Patients Even After Treatment

Proper follow-up is just as crucial as treatment. Hence, we maintain close relations with all our patients following treatment.

The effectiveness of such treatments as advanced gum disease treatment, oral care, and teeth straightening is only assured if you also observe appropriate follow-up. You’ll always have a clear treatment schedule that you must follow, which will involve dental check-ups to assess progress and any other unexpected issues.

We understand the unique needs and challenges of residents in Alexandra Hills, Gumdale and Cleveland, and design appropriate follow-up procedures that can be easily followed.

A Well-Coordinated Team Focused On Getting You Back To Health

Every member of the Be Well Dental team is highly passionate about getting our patients back to good health. Our friendly and dedicated customer service starts right from the receptionist on to the dentists.

Every member of our staff is highly qualified and certified. Our facility is also accredited to offer dental services. We observe all regulatory requirements and follow proven procedures, based on required dental practise.

You will always find a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, whether you come from Manly or Wynnum. We want to ensure your experience is enjoyable, which goes a long way in helping you through recovery.

Our focus isn’t just oral health for individuals, but also families. We cater to both young and old and even set up appointments for couples to meet with our dentists.

Visit Or Call Us Today

Whether you have a long-term oral problem, an issue that has just occurred or you just need to discuss about your oral health, you can contact us on (07) 3846 2002.

You’ll get the best possible treatment in our well-equipped facility, at Shop 2/40, Gladstone Rd, Highgate Hill QLD 4101.

We always offer quality treatment at the most affordable price. Most of all, each treatment plan is customized to suit the specific needs of each patient.