We founded Be Well Dental from a desire to live a life true to our core belief; and that is, we all deserve to have love and joy in our lives.

When we share it, the world can be a better place. We can connect with people in a much deeper way, so that through our care, we can truly promote healing and alleviate suffering.

In 2013, an opportunity became available for Be Well Dental to be born in the region & community where we both grew up. The space was designed with the patients and the team in mind. The intention was to promote peace, wellness and inclusiveness for everyone.

We found the practice of mindfulness over a decade ago and have applied this into our life everyday – to be present, mindful and purposeful. Harmony is the foundation of everything we do at Be Well Dental.

With mindfulness energy supporting us throughout the day, we are able to be present, to connect deeply with others, do our work with care and compassion, and live our lives truly in each moment.

Drs Bao & Will.