Patient Area Serviced

Be Well Dental is dedicated to offering the best dental services in Brisbane. Every individual case is treated with utmost care by our highly trained and professional staff equipped with the latest medical equipment.

Easily Accessible Dental Services Near You

In order to serve you better, our expert dental services are easily accessible all across Brisbane. Whether you live in the Inner Brisbane or Western Brisbane suburbs, you can quickly locate our medical facility for your next dental appointment.

Personalized and Dedicated Care

Our team is deeply passionate about providing excellent service.

Hence, we are committed to offering highly personalized care suited to your unique needs, which can vary for residents in Southern Brisbane, Eastern Brisbane, or other Brisbane suburbs.

We never initiate any treatment until we’ve heard your concerns and evaluated you specific needs. Even after conducting a through dental examination, we’ll discuss with you all our findings and clearly elaborate all the available treatment options. You can also expect prior and clear estimates of all the treatment fees involved.

Even us we use the most effective treatment methods, your comfort is always a priority. We’ll ensure an enjoyable experience on every appointment.

Disability Accessible Facility

In order to cater to every patient, our facility design is wheelchair friendly. Our staff is also well trained in assisting people with disabilities.

Wide Treatment Options

Whether you have minor or major dental issues, you’re sure to get the best care at Be Well Dental.

The services we offer include invisalign treatment, preventive dentistry, root canal therapy, teeth whitening, dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. Residents in the Northern Brisbane suburbs and all other Brisbane suburbs can have all their dental issues addressed at our facility.

A Passion for Preventive Care

We understand that the best way to avoid serious medical conditions is to prevent it in the first place.

At every appointment, our dentist will thoroughly check your oral health to rule out any underlying dental problem. Potential problems can be diagnosed through our advanced medical equipment, featuring the latest technologies like intra-oral cameras, transilluminators and digital x-rays.

We even go further to assess your lifestyle, medical history and diet, which are vital in preventing development of oral problems.

Through early detection of oral infections, advancement of such problems can be prevented. Moreover, the infection won’t spread to other surrounding tissues, causing pain, abscess formation and swelling. Ultimately, you would avoid potentially losing your tooth or developing other illnesses within your body.

Early Dental Care for Children

Through our child-centred dental service, you can prevent future oral problems when they grow older.

Apart from helping detect and prevent oral problems, our child-friendly facility would prevent dental fears in young kids. Our medical team is always friendly and caring towards children, and the treatment procedures are also designed to suit young children.

Make an appointment today to have your dental issues addressed. You can easily locate us at Shop 2/40, Gladstone Rd, Highgate Hill QLD 4101. Or call us at (07) 3846 2002.