The goal of Root Canal Therapy is to save a tooth that has been badly damaged due to decay, disease or trauma.

Many people prefer to save their tooth because it will function and feel better than an artificial tooth.

The process involves cleaning and sealing the internal structure of the tooth. This may require two or three dental visits. The procedure feels no more different than having a filling done. We use the latest technologies available to ensure a good outcome.

Root canal treatment is successful in most cases. With the appropriate restoration to protect the tooth and good oral hygiene habits, your treated tooth may last for many years and possibly for the rest of your life.

Without treatment, the tooth will become more infected. The infection may spread to the surrounding tissues, resulting in further pain, swelling and abscess formations. In some instances, an infected tooth can make you ill. The alternative to root canal treatment is the removal of the tooth. As a result you may develop problems with biting, chewing and oral health conditions that are associated with losing a tooth.

The missing tooth would need to be replaced with an implant, bridge or partial denture to restore chewing function and to prevent adjacent teeth from shifting.

After receiving root canal treatment to save the damaged tooth, we strongly recommend a crown to strengthen and secure your tooth for years to come and ensure a good seal is provided to prevent bacteria from invading your tooth again.