Emergency Dentistry in Highgate Hill, QLD

dental team getting ready for emergency dental exam highgate hillEmergencies can happen suddenly, and you never know when you might be in need of the services of an emergency dentist in Highgate Hill. When you do need one, it can feel comforting to have a dental team you already trust to have your best interests at heart, especially during a vulnerable moment. 

Our friendly, considerate dental staff understand emergency problems and how to handle them. Whether your own dental emergency involves sudden tooth pain, knocked-out teeth, bleeding gums, or more—we invite you to see us as soon as you can.

How to Know if It Is a Dental Emergency


If you're looking for an out of hours emergency dentist, it may go without saying that you're likely to be in a certain amount of pain. If you are undergoing progressive dental distress, then give our dental practice a call immediately to speak to our emergency dental staff. 

Any dental pain or discomfort, especially if it doesn't go away or continues to get worse, is likely a sign of an ongoing dental emergency that needs to be addressed right away.

On the other hand, a chipped tooth or broken dentures may be able to wait until the next day for our dental professionals to treat. If you're unsure whether you are experiencing a dental emergency, give us a call so we can help alleviate any pain and diagnose your issue. 

How to Handle Your Dental Emergency in Highgate Hill, QLD

patient during emergency dentistry exam in highgate hill QLDOnce you have contacted us, there are measures you can take to temporarily reduce pain and help save your teeth. 

  • Severe tooth pain—Rinse out your mouth with warm water to remove any debris or particles. Over-the-counter painkillers can help reduce inflammation and discomfort 
  • Broken or cracked tooth—Rinse your mouth out with warm water before applying a cold compress the inflamed area.
  • Something stuck between teeth—If trying to gently remove the object doesn't work through flossing, let our dentist help
  • Knocked-out tooth—This is a time-sensitive issue, if we can see you within an hour we may be able to save your tooth. It's important to not let the root dry out by placing it in a small container of milk or water
  • Bleeding gums—Rinse your mouth with warm water before applying a cold compress to the inflamed area

Are You in Need of Emergency Dental Services?patients at be well dental for emergency dental services

If you are experiencing unusual oral health activity or pain, it is likely you need an emergency dentist. At Be Well Dental, emergency services are just one of the many dental treatments that we offer. Dental pain is never a common thing and should be treated seriously. 

Whether you need an emergency visit or are looking for a new dentist to trust, give our dental practice a call on (07) 3846-2002.