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At Be Well Dental, we invest in our patients by establishing an assortment of high-quality, advanced dental technology to keep each dental visit comfortable, precise, and cost-efficient.  

Dr Bao and Dr Will continue to improve on their learning and skill set through continuing education so that our patients can enjoy the latest in dental techniques. 

Patients who are curious about the dental tools we work with are invited to browse through our assortment of leading-edge technology. Don't feel shy or embarrassed if you have a question; we enjoy nothing more than taking the time to converse with our patients.

Digital Records

In the not so distant past, many dental clinics and medical practices would store patient records in paper files. Each patient file would contain notes, x-rays, insurance information, medical history, and more. Digital records allow dental staff to keep your patient information up-to-date and stored safely and securely in our in-house network. Since records are digital, we can instantly share them with specialists or insurance providers when needed. 

We update your digital record after each visit so we can monitor your teeth and gums to catch any changes or conditions like periodontal disease. 

We invite new patients to fill out our online form before their first appointment, so we can create their patient file by the time they come in for their appointment.

Television in Rooms

Our Highgate Hill patients can allow themselves to feel comfortable and at home each time they visit us. We offer TVs within each treatment room so our patients can settle in and catch up on their favourite shows or discover new ones while we treat their dental health. 

At Be Well Dental, we want each patient to know that their health, comfort, and happiness are important. Each part of their visit is designed with their relaxation in mind, from the moment you step through our doors. 

Rotary Endodontics

When most patients think of root canal therapy, words like "gentle" and "comfort" don't also spring to mind. Yet, with the improvement of dental tools, we can make any dental procedure serene and tranquil. 

Traditionally, rotary instruments were designed from uncomfortably inflexible steel. Recent versions are crafted from nickel-titanium, which are adjustable and more pleasant. Additionally, electric rotary tools vibrate less and allow patients to relax.

Intraoral Camera

At Be Well Dental, it is not part of our dentistry to push patients into agreeing to a dental procedure. Instead, we prefer to educate our patients and let them take an active role in their own oral health. 

Intraoral cameras help us show patients exactly what we see. They are tiny digital cameras that allow Drs Bao and Will to take pictures of your teeth, gums, and soft tissue. We can then display these images on a chairside monitor near the patient's chair, allowing them to see what we see, and why we would recommend a certain dental procedure. 

Patients can see dental issues like eroded enamel, chips, cracks, fractures, cavities, and plaque without having to rely on our word. 

These are a beneficial diagnostic tool that allows us to keep track of your oral health while updating your digital records.

Electric Handpieces

While many patients are unfazed by traditional dental tools, some find the experience uncomfortable. Electric handpieces allow Dr Will and Dr Bao to create a more gentle and peaceful visit since they create fewer vibrations and noise. Patients sensitive to movement and sound can feel relieved knowing that their dental procedure will be relatively silent without the high-pitched whirring of older tools.

Newer electric handpieces are more powerful, which keeps dental appointments shorter and more efficient. 


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