General Dentistry in Highgate Hill, QLD

At Be Well Dental, we are honoured to provide comprehensive dentistry to our Brisbane community and their families.

patient in dental chair during general dentistry in highgate hillWhile a proper diet and exercise are important, healthy teeth and gums are the foundation to overall good health. When you have an infection in your gums or teeth, it can impact other systems in your body. For example, by diagnosing and treating dental problems early, we can help reduce the potential risks of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke in later years.

Likewise, some systemic conditions may first become apparent in the mouth because they manifest as mouth lesions or ulcers. Early detection during routine dental examinations can help increase the prognosis of treatment and your general health.

Dr Will and Dr Bao adopt a holistic approach to ensure that your whole health is considered. Over the years, they have helped many patients experience excellent oral health through preventative and general dentistry.

During your first meeting with your general dentist, we go over all functions and aspects of your smile. We consider your bite, your jaw joints' alignment, and look for signs of oral cancer or developing oral health conditions. Our holistic approach to dentistry includes comprehensive treatment for cavities, gum disease, TMJ and bruxism and missing teeth. 

dentist working on a dental bridge in highgate hill QLDWe encourage proactive over reactive treatment at Be Well Dental. 

Our mindful, holistic approach allows patients who are anxious to feel more at ease when visiting us. We have created a nurturing and healing environment where we focus on establishing positive connections with our patients and offer patient education and guidance.  

We Offer the Comfort and Dental Treatments You Want

Throughout your dental visit with us, we consider the impact healthy or unhealthy teeth and gums have on your overall wellness and health. 

Our Brisbane dental practice combines modern dental technology and experience with deep care for your emotional and spiritual wellness. By looking at your health as a system of networks that are profoundly influenced by each other, we take a full-body approach to dentistry so you can enjoy priceless oral health.

Preventive Exams and General Dentistry in Highgate Hill, QLD

patient during teeth cleaning in highgate hill QLDThe basis of effective dental care begins with dental cleans and exams to remove plaque, stains and tartar from your smile. We examine your gum tissue and monitor any changes since your last dental visit. If we discover gum disease, don’t worry. We can work with you to control it.

A few of the dental issues we treat include:

  • Gum disease
  • Dental implant restorations
  • Jaw joint pain
  • Tooth decay
  • Yellow or stained teeth
  • Teeth grinding
  • Dental crowns and bridges
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Dental extractions

Building a Partnership with Your Dental Health in Highgate Hill

We take great pride in establishing and maintaining trusting relationships with patients. Getting to know each patient while securing and ensuring their comfort is essential.

It is vital that patients and their families feel welcome with their dentist. By establishing a long-term relationship, we can monitor any changes during your regular dental check-ups and exams. 

We appreciate that each age has its own developmental milestones; from baby teeth to ageing teeth. We work hard to craft healthy smiles that radiate.

Enjoy Your Oral Health

Every patient has different needs; we try to make your oral health journey simple by offering as many dentistry services as we can in one place. From restoring broken teeth to being available during dental emergencies, we can meet your dental needs. 

We appreciate that everyone is on a different journey to optimal oral health. By getting to know you, we can give you a gentle and compassionate experience while identifying potential dental problems early on, saving energy, time and money.

Our dental team is always happy to go over any questions you may have. Call today for your dental check-up.