Tooth Extractions in Highgate Hill, QLD

If you suffer from severe tooth pain, an advanced infection or another serious dental issue, a dental extraction may be the simplest and best way to get immediate relief outside of a root canal. As the name suggests, an extraction means removing the entire tooth. 

While we do everything we can at Be Well Dental to save your natural teeth, there are oral health situations where the pulp has died, or the tooth is irrevocably damaged or infected. In these cases, dental extraction is the only route to avoid spreading infection or cease any discomfort.

Read on to learn more about dental extraction.

Reasons You May Need a Dental Extraction in Highgate Hill

Once your existing tooth's inner structure has been compromised with gum disease, infection, toothpatient during tooth extraction in highgate hill QLD decay, or trauma, it can reach a point where there are no options left. Keeping a damaged tooth can introduce a potential onslaught of toxins and harmful bacteria. 

A root canal allows us to remove damaged and decayed tissue from a tooth before sealing it, but this dental treatment has limitations in practice. 

Dr Bao and Dr Will may recommend a dental extraction for the following reasons:

  • Irreversible tooth damage caused by severe tooth decay or infection
  • Untreatable gum disease 
  • Impacted teeth, commonly wisdom teeth
  • Preparing for orthodontic treatment
  • Eliminate overcrowded teeth
  • Traumatic injury
  • Preparation for dentures

As you can see, there are many reasons for extracting teeth, and not all of them are due to a failure of the tooth itself. 

Emergency Dental Extractions

Teeth that require extraction due to an emergency, such as a traumatic injury, may cause more stress to the patient due to the unexpected nature of the dental problem. However, we're here to help during your dental emergencies, and we never want you to feel stress or pain about a dental situation.

When you visit our dental practice with an emergency that necessitates extraction, we'll treat your situation efficiently and promptly. We try to provide same-day emergency care to ensure that you experience as little pain and discomfort as possible.

We never want our patients to fear the extraction process. We strive to provide the most understanding and gentle dental care we can, making your emergency visit stress-free.

Comfortable Dental Extractions from a Caring Team

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At Be Well Dental, we appreciate what a dental extraction may seem—the thought of having your tooth pulled can set your imagination afire. In actuality, many fears are ungrounded. Dental extraction with your gentle dentist is a tranquil and smooth transition that takes little time to complete and is not especially painful. For many patients, this dental treatment can relieve pain immediately. 

Patients can relax knowing that they are in good hands; we treat everyone equally with kindness and compassion. We work hard to create a calm and inviting atmosphere by being mindful and holding ourselves to a higher standard. 

Healing After an Extraction

Tooth extractions are a very common dental procedure. As with any surgical procedure, dental extractions will need time to heal. However, with proper care, patients can avoid healing mishaps like dry sockets. 

During the healing process, it's important to avoid chewing on hard or crunchy foods like popcorn or nuts. We also advise avoiding spicy or hot foods and beverages, like coffee or hot tea, and sucking through a straw. 

When brushing and flossing your teeth, be cautious around the extraction site as well, taking care not to irritate the healing area. 

The goal is to preserve the blood clot that has developed. To preserve the blood clot, the patient must be gentle with the extraction site. 

Tooth Replacement After an Extraction in Highgate Hill, QLD

After extracting a tooth, it's essential to replace the missing tooth to preserve your oral health. When a missing tooth is not replaced promptly, it can cause various oral health and dental issues, including bite misalignment due to movement of your remaining teeth and atrophy of the jawbone, caused by a lack of stimulation that a tooth root would typically provide.

We have many tooth replacement options to restore your bite function, oral health and tooth structure. We offer natural-looking tooth replacement options such as:

To help preserve your jawbone and maintain proper bite alignment, we often recommend dental implants as a solution. Dental implants offer patients many unique benefits and are the closest tooth replacement option to a natural tooth.

However, the specific tooth replacement we recommend for you will depend on your dental situation, oral health, lifestyle and budget. Dentures and bridges offer their own benefits, like affordability and minimally invasive placement.

After a thorough exam, we will discuss the benefits of each tooth replacement we offer so you can make the best choice for your oral health.

In addition to the oral health benefits of replacing missing teeth, patients may also enjoy:

  • Increased functionality, making eating easier and speech clearer
  • A complete smile with no apparent missing teeth
  • A healthy jawbone and no loss of face shape

We never extract a tooth without considering the future of your dental health and the appearance of your smile. If you have concerns or questions about replacing your tooth after an extraction, we welcome your call.

Preventing Future Tooth Extractions

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Prevention is the best safeguard against future dental extractions and emergencies. By practising good oral hygiene, like brushing and flossing at least twice a day, and seeing your dentist routinely for dental cleans and exams, you can help prevent the need for dental extractions down the line. 

With excellent oral hygiene and dental intervention at the early stages, many tooth extractions can be avoided. 

If you play sports or engage in physical activities, you can also protect your teeth and avoid injury by wearing sports guards and proper face gear. 

Do you grind your teeth at night? We can recommend a nightguard to prevent your teeth from cracking or breaking. 

We want to help you keep your natural teeth healthy and strong. So, as allies in your oral health, we will do whatever we can to prevent extraction, maintaining your natural smile.

Let Us Know if You Have Dental Pain

We recommend never toughing out toothaches or pain. If your tooth has an infection, decay or disease—we will want to treat it as soon as possible to keep your neighbouring teeth safe and healthy. 

If we catch a developing dental problem early on, it's often easier to treat. As mentioned above, we may be able to avoid extraction with early, conservative dental treatments, like root canal therapy or dental fillings.

If you let your dentist know as soon as you have dental pain, you may have the opportunity to save the tooth. And even if the tooth cannot be saved, you may limit damage to your overall oral health with early treatment of dental pain. There's no need to live with pain or take risks with your oral health when a dentist is only a phone call away.

Tooth Extraction in Highgate Hill

We invite you to contact Be Well Dental in Highgate Hill to arrange your next dental appointment. Our experienced dental team is dedicated to helping you achieve exceptional dental care in a comfortable, welcoming environment, and we would love to help relieve you of your tooth pain or infection.