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What Is B1G1?

December 14, 2021
Posted By: Be Well Dental - Dr Bao Nguyen
B1G1 health water project

Since 2016 we have been a proud member of B1G1 - Business for Good. Along with some other amazing businesses worldwide, we have committed to creating a world full of giving. We do this by giving to a worthy cause every time a patient visits us for their dental appointment. B1G1 helps us embed giving into our everyday activities. For example, you can positively impact the world by visiting us for your routine dental care. At the end of an appointment, we give our patients an origami paper crane as a token of our appreciation. We hand-make the cranes here at Be Well Dental, representing ten B1G1 givings. At any given time, we have a selection of worthy causes that you may choose. So when you visit us to improve your dental health, you are also helping others in the world have better lives.


Causes We Support:

  • Giving families access to live-saving water in Ethiopia
  • Food to children in crisis living in Vietnam
  • Health Education for children in India
  • Meals for children in need in Kenya
  • Shelter for homeless children in Cambodia
  • Integration training for young adults in Columbia
  • Education for refugee children in Malaysia
  • Empower women to provide for their communities in Africa
  • Special art programs for disadvantaged young adults
  • Literacy and business training for women in Uganda
  • Reading materials for girls in Cambodia
  • Seeds for farmers in Cambodia
  • School shoes for children in Moldova
  • Microfinance support for women in Africa
  • Music therapy sessions for children with special needs

Closer to home, we’ve supported our wildlife welfare and the Australian Bushfire recovery efforts. B1G1 makes giving easy, meaningful and with much joy.


Our Involvement

In 2019, Dr Will had the amazing opportunity of joining the founder of B1G1 Masami Sato and other members on a study tour to Kenya. He describes his trip as a once in a lifetime experience. He was deeply touched by his experience and shared the B1G1 worthy causes and the communities they support. He immersed himself in the daily activities of the communities that he visited and felt truly inspired by their stories and cultures. Dr Will returned from this trip with greater conviction to share, engage and inspire our team to be a better business so that people can live better lives.


More Information

You can find more about our B1G1 initiative by visiting the impact page on our website.