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woman smiling at dentist in highgate hill qld

Health Is Love

October 11, 2021
Posted By: Dr. Bao Nguyen
man smiling at dentist in highgate hill qld

Dear friends,

Health is love. 

The beginning of health is love. When we love someone, we give care to that person. We take any actions that are required to protect that person. So if that person that you love is you, would you take any actions for yourself?

Our health is our own responsibility. Our mind and body are connected. How we think directly affects our actions, and our actions affect our bodies.

Allow yourself time every day to connect your mind and body. Scan your body and be aware of what you need. Set the right intentions for yourself and create a positive and healthy attitude. Be determined to carry this energy with you throughout the day.

Recipe of Love for One's Oral Health

  1. Set aside time to brush and floss your teeth in mindfulness—five minutes of loving kindness for yourself.
  2. Eat well. Choose wholesome food and eat in mindfulness. Chew your food carefully, and savour the flavours. The saliva that you create while chewing will aid digestion and help to safeguard your teeth from acid.
  3. Replenish with water regularly. Make drinking water a healthy habit.
  4. Adopt a good posture for your jaw. Lips closed, tongue up and breathe through your nose. 

With loving kindness,