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Sugar and Tooth decay

August 5, 2020
Posted By: Be Well Dental - Brisbane
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Everything that we eat and drink can have a major effect on our dental health. That is why reducing our consumption of sugary food and drinks can reduce our risk of developing tooth decay.

6 simple tips:

  • Water, not Juice – Even when labelled as having no added sugar, most brands of juice contains over 7 teaspoons of sugar in a single serve! Reduce your desire to drink sugary drinks by bringing a refillable water bottle and save money. When you have a craving for fruit juice, eat a whole piece of fruit and drink water instead.
  • Fresh not dried fruits – Dried fruits are packed with sugar and are very sticky. Eating a fresh piece of whole fruit will be much more nutritious, and will make you feel a lot fuller.
  • Real fruits, not fruit cups/cans – Fruit cups and the likes are usually packed with syrup. Create your own fruit cup by preparing a variety of fruits in an air-tight re-usable container.
  • Use artificial sweetener like Stevia instead of sugar in coffee or tea if you prefer them sweet.
  • Popcorn is a wonderful treat for lunch boxes. Homemade ones are the best as you can avoid added salt and sugar. 
  • Save sweet treats like chocolate bars for special occasions. Don’t have them ready in your bag or pantry as a quick snack. Have healthier choices more readily available like pre-cut vegetable sticks, nuts, cheese and crackers instead.

Eating a low sugar diet may require planning ahead, but it can be just as delicious and convenient. Remember that choosing naked food and un-processed food is usually better for you. The reduced packaging will be better for the environment too. Let’s put our health first, and make the better choice.

For more excellent tips on being sugar savvy, visit The Australian Dental Association Dental Health Week Website