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How Valuable Is Preventative Dentistry?

May 26, 2022
Posted By: Be Well Dental
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In dentistry, and in life, it's best to prevent problems than to treat them.

This wisdom is on-target when considering your dental care in Highgate Hill, QLD. Your teeth should last a lifetime, and a straightforward course of preventative dentistry can save you money, time, and pain. The Be Well Dental Team can help keep you on the right smile path through an effective at-home routine, regular dental cleans, and consistent exams to identify potential tooth problems early.

Brushing and Flossing Practices Are Most Important

The first part of preventative dentistry is your commitment to your oral hygiene. Here are the basics:

  • Brushing and the twos – twice a day, two minutes each time
  • Clean between each tooth every day with floss, floss picks, or other recommended method
  • Floss first, then brush to remove debris
  • Replace your toothbrush four times a year or when it looks worn
  • After eating or drinking sugary, carbonated beverages, brush or rinse as soon as you can

Your home routine can set a foundation for excellent oral health with faithful practice. But, over time, even the best brushers and flossers will miss certain areas where build-up should be removed. This is where dental clean at Be Well Dental comes in.

Our Dental Cleans Reach Places Your Toothbrush Can't

When you visit our Highgate Hill dental clinic, we will use special tools and expertise to give your teeth a thorough clean. We focus on areas of accumulation that respond better to our tools and techniques. In addition to your teeth, a professional clean can address the same build-up on your gums.

Dental Exams Detect Tooth Problems Early

Along with your dental clean, Dr Wil and Dr Bao will provide a complete examination of your teeth and mouth to supply an overall picture of your oral health. We use leading-edge imaging technology to allow us to see deep into your oral tissues, and through our training, we can spot emerging dental problems. This detection allows us time to create a treatment plan that is least invasive and most effective.

Preventative Dentistry in Brisbane, QLD

If you agree that timely action can save you from more significant problems later on, the Be Well Dental team is excited to meet you. We hope to share how preventative dental care can help you show a healthier smile.