Be Well Dental

I am scared of the dentist; how can you help me?

Dental fear and anxiety are common emotions, but there are ways we can help you manage it. At Be Well Dental, we appreciate that even seasoned dental veterans can feel a twinge of nervousness as patients at the dental office.

Like with many situations in life, our responses are either reactive or proactive. Reactive responses are based on past experiences, while proactive responses allow us to set up a situation before it becomes the stage of ongoing dental anxiety.

We Help Create a Warm and Welcoming Dental Environment

For many of us, fear of the unknown can often be worse than what we do know. At Be Well Dental, we believe in educating and talking to our patients prior to any dental treatment, so they can anticipate and prepare for each step of the process.

Additionally, patients have come to appreciate and expect our holistic and healing vibe each time they step foot through our doors.

Taking proactive steps further, many dental fears can stem from painful and abrupt dental emergencies. Dr Bao Nguyen and Dr William Huynh practice preventive dental care to help patients sidestep potentially scary and uncomfortable oral health scenarios.

While we can't prevent all dental emergencies, we can spot many small ones in development and heal them while they are small and painless. Through this practice, we can remove many reactive situations and set up healthy and happy dental visits. 

You Are in Charge of Your Dental Visit

Our dental practice believes in practising mindfulness throughout our day to day lives, including when it comes to our health. 

Through mindfulness, we can be aware of each moment, and recognise any feelings of stress, discomfort, and anxiety as they occur. Instead of avoiding such feelings, we can explore them and give them their name.

There is nothing wrong with being anxious, this emotion has served our race well over the centuries, and it is still a valuable emotion. Every day our mind analyzes millions of subtle clues and contexts, and often when we feel goosebumps and a gut feeling that something is off, it's a valid response to act on that.  

Talk With Your Dental Team if You Are Anxious

We are here to work with you, and there's no shame in letting us know if you need extra care.