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What do I do if my child knocks their tooth out?

Being involved in sports or boisterous play is a part of growing up, but pastimes that are too rambunctious can sometimes result in a knocked-out tooth. We can help parents determine what to do if their child loses a baby or a permanent tooth. 

Losing a Baby Tooth

This may not seem so dire—after all, baby teeth are meant to fall out, right? Dr Will and Dr Bao will still want to evaluate your child's mouth and make sure it is clean from debris, and nothing else is damaged. 

Baby teeth are not as deeply entrenched as permanent teeth, so there's less risk of permanent damage. Still, it's always a good idea to have your children's dentist check things out. Losing a baby tooth too soon can cause problems for permanent teeth emerging, often leading to nearby teeth crowding the new space. If there is not enough room for the tooth to emerge, it can create crooked teeth and eating issues. 

If your child has knocked out a baby tooth, we may need to insert a space maintainer to hold space until the permanent tooth is ready to emerge. 

Losing Adult Teeth

Seeing your child right away allows us to possibly reattach the knocked-out tooth. Avoid touching the tooth root but keep it moist by putting it in a container of milk or water. 

Does Your Child Have a Dental Emergency? 

It's important that we see your child right away if they have knocked out a tooth, even after hours. Call Be Well Dental at (07) 3846-2002 immediately so we can have the best chance at saving your child's tooth.