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Can cosmetic dentistry fix receding gums?

Yes, there are cosmetic dentistry options available to fix a receding gumline. One common cosmetic procedure for altering a patient's gumline is called gum contouring. 

When performing gum contouring, a dentist removes a small amount of soft tissue, often from the roof of the patient's mouth, and uses it to rebuild the gumline, creating a more attractive, healthier appearance. This method also protects tooth roots that have been exposed due to the recession of the gum. 

Scaling and Root Planing for Receding Gums

Your dentist may also recommend scaling and planing, which consists of a deep cleaning of your gumline and a smoothing of the root surface. Smoothing the root's surface can allow the gum to heal and reattach, improving the appearance and the health of the patient's gums. 

Dentists generally perform this procedure using a local anaesthetic for your comfort.

If you have questions about gum care or if your gum is receding, we welcome your phone call to our clinic. A receding gumline is a sign of gum disease, which we should treat promptly and appropriately for the sake of your oral and overall health.

Periodontal Treatments in Highgate Hill, QLD

We offer periodontal treatments for patients who have gum health issues in the Highgate Hill area and beyond. If you need gum treatment for receding gums, we invite you to contact our experienced team at Be Well Dental

Our dentists offer gentle but thorough treatments to promote gum health, and we would love to have the opportunity to help you.