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Will I know how much my treatment will cost?

You've heard that saying 'The only guarantees in life are death and taxes.' Well, somewhere in between death and taxes is the reflection of your smile, and this reflection can say a lot about you.

How you care for your teeth and gums can indicate a thoughtful and intentional person. The way you smile carries your kindness and compassion. A fresh breath can convey someone perceptive and aware enough to make their space a little more pleasant for those around them.

Caring for your smile should be a constant, but too many people neglect their oral health and dental visits because of financial constraints. 

At Be Well Dental, we don't believe in hidden fees or surprises. We aim to work with our patients and their budgets by accepting all health funds

If You Are Unsure, Ask Us

Due to the nature of our services, it is not possible to give an accurate quote for treatment prior to seeing you. In some cases, we can give you fee estimates over the phone, but they will only be a rough guide and may change once our dentists have assessed your specific situation.

The cost of a new patient assessment is $65. A limited assessment for a particular concern is $46. If dental radiographs are required, they are $46 each. Intraoral photography, which allows us to record and share with you exactly what is going on, is included in every appointment.

We have a passion for helping as many patients as possible and providing as many answers as possible. 

We Are Here for You

If you need a dental cleans and exam or are curious about a cosmetic dental treatment, we invite you to call us at (07) 3846-2002.