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How long does pain last after a tooth extraction?

Have you scheduled a tooth extraction but feel unsure about the effects on your mouth post-procedure? Modern dentistry allows us to remove teeth painlessly, but healing may involve some temporary tenderness or pain like many other procedures.

How Long Will My Pain Last after a Tooth Extraction?

Each patient experiences a unique healing process and has different pain sensitivity levels. Some tooth extractions may feel more significant than others, and the condition of other teeth and gums may also affect the length of the healing period. However, many patients experience a decrease in pain after a few days to a week.

Healing after a Tooth Extraction

Our dentists in Highgate Hill, QLD, do their best to facilitate effective tooth extractions and advise on the best practices to help patients heal afterwards. We recommend that patients avoid alcohol, introduce soft foods into their diet, and relax immediately after an extraction procedure to promote optimal healing conditions.

If you experience extensive pain or feel worried that the healing process is not progressing as expected, our practice is open to assist and welcomes any questions or concerns.

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